TASK: Windows Design

Competition, Windows Design Competition - GUCCI


Concept: Equilibrium 

In the long research on Gucci’s world, I got to know Equilibrium portal and decided to base the project proposal on the important

issues that the portal faces.

I decided to emphasize the connection between People, Planet and Purpose as much as possible, choosing to represent a single global world in two windows display,

in which animals, people, nature and social themes walk together.

The design decision and conceptual choice refer to what are Maison’s canons and philosophy:

coloured patterns as moving images in ultra slow motion videos screened in monitors, represent the world of nature to be preserved.

Wild animals monochromatic sculptures are the result of research on recycling plastic, entirely produced with the same recycled plastics, represent the planet and the subjects to

which it’s not given voice, a sensitive theme portrayed in Alessandro Michele's latest creative campaign.


To light up the concept and emphasize the strength of the subject are social-themed posters in wooden frames crowned by low consumption neon tubes, whose contents focus on a

a new model of sustainable innovation supported by the brand itself.

In these elements shapes, colors and lights refer to the 70s riots movement world and the psychedelic culture.

Design: Simone Serlenga

2D Design: Elena Veronese

DESIGN: Simone Serlenga