TASK: Set Design ass | Video-projections ass

PROJECT: Created by Caden Manson, Jemma Nelson,

Big Art GroupDirection and Scenography by Caden MansonSound: Jemma Nelson

Assistant Director: Kathleen Amshoff and Bradley Kal Hagen


Broke House is a performance from Big Art Group and follows a narrative about the residents of a house and their hanger-on, once a documentary filmmaker arrives to capture their lives. On a skeletal set webbed with video cameras, the characters try to recall their given roles as inevitably the foundations of their dreams collapse, and they are thrown into the desert of their own futures. Part comedy, part ritual, part love spell.


Like all of Big Art Group’s works, Broke House offers our meditation on the current states of America, which we believe have been in flux for at least as long as our ensemble has been up and running. Beyond the topical symptoms of foreclosure crises, credit crises, occupy movements and extremist rhetoric, we suppose that the metaphorical heart of the country has been suffering, and perhaps has decided to rebuild the body that surrounds it.

“True to their name, Big Art Group’s performances are big in every possible way: prismatic visuals hurtle across a panoply of screens, dazzling with flashing colors; strange conjunctions of video imagery captured live by a battery of cameras and spliced together in real time, ambush the eye; digital soundscapes thrum, groan, and roar at synesthesia-inducing volumes.” – Jacob Gallagher-Ross, The Drama Review

David: Edward Stresen-Reuter
Manny: David Commander
RiRi: Heather Litteer
Jerry: Matthew Nasser
Virilius/Intern: Nicholas Gorham
Jennifer/Intern: Willie Mullins, Matthew Nasser

Lighting Design: Hillery Makatura
Assistant Lighting Design: Kryssy Wright
Production Manager: Ana Mari de Quesada
Set Design: Caden Manson, Jeffrey Ralston, Simone Serlenga
Glow Costumes and Masks: Caden Manson, Jeffery Ralston, Alice Pearson, David Commander, Simone Serlenga
Video System Design by Caden Manson



photo credits. BigArtGroup